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Kodokan Kendo UK's 'Premier Centre for Excellence' is located in Watford Hertfordshire at Rembrandt House and is a custom built Kendo dojo funded through a Sports England 'Inspired Facilities Grant' in 2011


Kodokan as a club was founded in 1980 by Paul Budden sensei-Kyoshi, Nanadan (7-dan), supported by the 'late' Terry Holt sensei. Budden sensei is a registered NAKMAS Senior Instructor, Technical Director of the Maltese Kendo Federation and a highly respected International Coach.


The Club Leader is Kazuyo Matsuda sensei-Renshi, Rokudan (6-dan), National Team Coach to the Maltese Kendo Federation and former GB Ladies National Team Coach.


Kodokan is (when he is in the UK) the resident dojo of Jumpei Matsumoto sensei-Kyoshi, Nanadan (7-dan), former Chief National Coach to the British Kendo Association.


At Kodokan we have both a very strong junior group and ladies section.


Details on Kodokan Juniors, age group 7 - 17 years can be found here.


Kodokan also organise many prestigious events, including 'The annual Kodokan International Kendo Seminar' led by Masatake Sumi sensei-Hanshi, Hachidan (8-dan), one of the 'First and Foremost' teachers in the Kendo world today. This is the 31st year for this event, which is held either locally in Watford or periodically in Malta and other countries.


Kendo can be practiced safely by all ages and provides many benefits for those who train in this unique activity.


As we know it's always good to start a sport or an activity at an early age, however you can rest assured that it's never too late to begin Kendo


Please contact us If you require any additional information or if you would like to visit the dojo for 'a look and a chat' and we'll endeavour to answer any questions you may have at that time.


Visiting Kendoka are also always very welcome, but again please advise us firstly of your proposed visit. Contact details can be found here.


If you have any question or comments please contact

(+44) (0)7785 940670


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